Feenics Inc.

Access control application
Project Overview
Feenics is a cloud-based enterprise access control platform. They have a Windows desktop application that handles security systems of a building (ex: Electronic devices such as card readers that “read” a fob key when employees enter their work building).
My Role
My role was to transform this Windows desktop application into a responsive browser-based platform. I was also responsible for re-designing and building their mobile application. I was the UX Researcher, UX Designer and UI Developer.
Skills Used
User Research, User Interviews, Sprint Planning, Balsamique, InVision, UX/UI Design, Rapid Prototyping, Usability Testing

Process & Solution

Problem Statement
Feenics only had a Windows Desktop application as their main selling product. This created a big barrier for the company to expand its customer base to non-Windows users and mobile users who have laptops and are always on the go. I was tasked with turning their Windows Desktop application into a responsive web-based platform.
Design, Test & Iterate
I set out to learn their product, the key features, main sellings points and any new features that are in the product roadmap. I used Balsamiq to create the initial designs and iterated through them as I tested them with real users and learned more about the customer needs.

Outcome & Results

Final UI Design
At the end of this project, we had a functioning responsive web-based application. The project was a success and the stakeholders were happy with the final product. Users had more accessibility and found the new UI to be very enjoyable to use and easy to navigate.
Mobile App (Android & iOS)
Here are screenshots of the mobile application I was working on.
The application was released on both Android and iOS devices.