Campus app startup I launched
Project Overview
As an engineering student, I felt I was missing a lot of social events on campus. Between the coursework and the late nights in the lab, I did not know what campus activities were happening. I found out my fellow classmates felt the same way and as a result, I took it upon myself to solve this problem. I created a mobile application that students and campus clubs can use to better interact together. I got 3 of my friends together and we pitched my idea to Startup Garage in Ottawa, Canada and secured $20,000 in funding and office space to develop the idea.
My Role
I was the founder of the mobile application called Campusgrids. My title was President and Co-founder and my role varied from Product Manager to UX Designer to Mobile Developer. I handled all things related to creating this application for school institutions. I hired a team of students and was heavily involved in designing and developing it.

Process & Solution

Problem Statement
We began by researching more into this problem to discover how many other students were experiencing this lack of engagement on campus and understand exactly what features they would like to see in a student app.
We started looking at how students currently engage with their campus clubs and began our user research. We conducted a survey and from our responses, we found a significant number of students are interested in a social campus activity app.

From these results, we got together and started mocking up what a potential student campus app could look like.

After creating the first initial version of the app and using that to run user interviews and user testing, we knew right away the designs needed to be touched up. Furthermore, we also began researching the technological tools we were going to use to build this product.
Design, Test & Iterate
Here are some screenshots of the before and after UI designs of the mobile application.

Outcome & Results

Final Product
Although we completed the project and finished building the product. It was hard for us to acquire any paying customers. The problem was that by the time we finished building a rapport with prospects, the student body, they would be renewed by the end of the school year and the process repeats all over again.
Key Learnings
This project is what opened my eyes into UX. It made me understand the importance of UX and how it can significantly impact the success, or failure, of a product. As a result of this project, I pursued learning everything I can about UX by getting a Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction.