Data Analytics Application
Project Overview
Askuity is a data analytics tool that helps vendors gain insight from their Point Of Sale data. It is a web-based application that shows users how their products and stores are performing. The platform depicts charts, graphs, reports and more in order to help the user better understand what is working and where they can improve.
My Role
I was hired as the first and only in-house UX Designer at Askuity. I owned the entire design process for every page of the application and worked with the engineers to create a consistent UI. I conducted User Research, User Interviews, sketched and created mockups, built interactive prototype and performed User Testing to validate my designs. I collaborated with different departments and presented my designs in front of the whole company.
One year after being hired at Askuity and updating the application UI and user flows, the company got acquired by The Home Depot.

Process & Solution

At Askuity, I used different design research methods to solve different UX problems.
Various parts of the application required different design solutions.
Card Sorting
I was tasked with redesigning our internal admin tool.
One method I took was to use Card Sorting to determine what tabs the navigation bar should have. I wrote the tabs and sections of the existing admin tool into cards and asked participants to sort them accordingly. Here are my findings and resulting navbar UI.
Sketching & Wireframing
When tasked with creating a new feature, depending on the complexity of the feature, I would sketch some ideas and iterate through the good ones before jumping onto my favourite prototyping tool, Figma.

Here, I was tasked with designing a new feature that allows users to select very specific product attributes. I hand drew the initial design then created created low-fidelity wireframes and afterwards, created the high-fidelity mockups that I used to test as an interacting prototype.
Mobile App (Android & iOS)
Here are screenshots of the mobile application I was working on.
The application was released on both Android and iOS devices.