Eli Fares

My name is Eli Fares.

I am a cross-functional Product Designer with a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and a background in Engineering. I have over 6 years of experience working as the sole in-house UX Designer at various companies and implementing a data-driven, user-centered design thinking process in the workplace.

I have worked in all levels of design, from user research and discovery to ideation and rapid prototyping to usability testing and developer hand-off. I have experience designing products for both private and public sectors. I am currently based in Toronto, Canada.

Do what you love and love what you do

I love designing

I own all aspects of the design process from start to finish and work in an agile design environment. I have experience designing applications from consumer facing to internal tools using design research methods such as conducting exploratory interviews, problem framing, wireframing, rapid prototyping and usability testing. I have used tools such as Figma, Sketch, InVision, Balsamiq, Post-it notes, Marvel App and Photoshop.

I am always excited about creating new products that people will love to use. I have experience working in scrum/agile methodology to design and build projects from the ground up with a focus in user-centered design thinking.

I love researching

I am passionate about understanding customer needs and solving problems through data-driven design thinking. With a Masters of Applied Science in HCI from Carleton University, I enjoy doing everything from design research to creating user personas and feature requirements. I have experience conducting usability tests as well as designing and running user experiments.

I love developing (yes, I know how to code)

With a degree in Engineering and Front-End (FE) Developer experience, I am proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I have experience in FE development using Ionic framework, Bootstrap and Angular web framework. I am currently expanding my skills by learning and building a mobile game, Rocky Race, in Lua using Corona Labs game engine and GameSparks to handle the back-end.

Books I've read

Skills I have

Human-Computer Interaction
UX & UI Design
Heuristic Evaluation
Interaction Design
Rapid Prototyping
Agile Methodology
User-Centered Design
User Research
User Flow
User Interviews
Usability Testing
HTML, CSS & JavaScript
Sketch + InVision